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Free CS extension #2 – False Profiles

by giuly on 9 June 2011

Giving a false profile on a social network is a bad thing to do, of course, but to giving a photo a false profile is often the best thing you can do.

Dan Margulis’  false profile technique, involving lower or higher gamma ICC, is a good starting point to achieve a better image later.

I learned this technique during the  ACT and AACT classes.

You can find more informations about this technique on  his book “Professional Photoshop 5° edition“, or reading his documentation about PPW ( Picture Postcard Workflow ), or even surfing the web ( here is one link : Makeready/MA48-Fate_and_False.pdf).

Davide Barranca wrote a RBGblog post with a lot of images and examples about the False Profiles color correction technique. Give it a look!

False Profile technique works very well for underexposed and overexposed images, to balance highlight and shadows and recover detail and sometimes for over saturated photos and CMYK conversions.

Assigning a profile doesn’t change the image data – only their interpretation. The numbers stay the same, but the appearance changes. If you assign a lower gamma than the current profile you’re using the outlook of the image is lighter, whereas with a higher gamma the image will look darker. The only way to actually alter the image and fix the new aspect is to convert it into a profile of choice after the assignment.

Hence, the changes become permanent only when you convert ( and you have to do this manoeuvre at the end of your workflow)

"Convert" Button on the panel

For that reason I added a ” convert to profile” button directly on the panel!!!


As for the double faces of a coin there is a downside.

Assigning the profile is the easy part of this technique, while the boring and time-consuming  part is to generate each gamma value for each color space   and for those unfamiliar it is also just a little tricky to realize how this can be done.

last but not least, in order to avoid scrolling the assign profile menu to find the right color profile gamma each time, you could create one action for each of them but  the risk  is to overcrowd the actions panel and waste time to find the one you want

For all these reasons I decided to create this extension to simplify  the assignment  of  false profiles through conditionals operations, to avoid manual  creations or  installation of all the profiles, and  to avoid overcrowding the actions panel

54 icc profiles

The installer will install the panel and all related profiles in  the right location on your computer.


The buttons on the panel let you choose among nine   gamma variations for each color space  (maybe I will upgrade them soon)

They operate through  conditional  scripting, recognizing the  color space of your  opened document and  apply the same at  the gamma value you have chosen.

This means that if your document is an ProPhoto RGB file and you click the 0,75 button  to your document will  be assigned: a ProPhoto RGB gamma 0,75 false profile.

If there is no matching profiles installed on your computer  an option window ( fig.1) will appear and will let you choose to either exit or open the “assign window”  and choose the profile  you want from there.




If your image is an RGB file with no tag  an option window ( fig.2) will appear and will let you choose which Color Space to use for assigning the gamma you selected

If the document is in Lab mode ( as you Know it is not possible to assign a profile in lab mode)  an alert window ( fig.3) will let you Know to convert  it before applying the false profile and  the “convert window” will be opened before assigning the chosen profile if you will confirm to continue.


I integrated the “version upgrade” feature via Extension Manager CS5 so you will be able to check new version and automatically replacing the older version. Stay tuned!

The most skilled Photoshop users could save their own false profile adding them to those delivered and installed with the extension and make use of them through the panel. See “Installation Notes” for the procedure.

To download the installer and documentation:

Access the Freeware area in our main site
(login required – FREE)

I hope you enjoy it!

good False profile to you all ;-)



Francesca Anichini August 1, 2011 09:32

Hi, the link to False profiles Installer doesn,t work.
I can’t find any installer!
Can you help me??
Thnak you

giuly giuly August 1, 2011 20:59

Now all should be fine again, sorry for the issue
Thank you again for downloading “false Profile” , I hope you’ll find it useful.


LOWELL FRANGA September 8, 2011 13:35


I just found your wonderful website! I registered and have been trying to download your “false profile” but can not find the installer. Would you please assist.


Davide Davide September 8, 2011 19:38

Hi Lowell,
I’ve sent you a private email, let me know if for some reason it doesn’t get to you.

Russ Brown April 9, 2012 07:11

Hello, Giuliana (et al),
Is this extension suitable for CS6?
I am using Dan’s new panel successfully and want to include your False Profile extension with it, however it gives a “Load panel xml error Error #2032″ and will not run.
Russ Brown

giuly giuly April 14, 2012 13:13

Hi Russ
In a couple of days False profile 2 beta CS6 will be released and you’ll be able to download the installer just logging into the RBG free area.
Anyway It will be announced here.

Thank you very much.

Adriano Carafoli June 6, 2012 18:29

Salve, sto cercando, inutilmente da parecchio, di scaricare “Free CS extension #2 – False Profiles”. Come posso fare? Attendo fiducioso le istruzioni.

Davide Davide July 8, 2012 14:46

Per ora dal sito con una registrazione gratuita.
Dal 12 Luglio avremo un altro canale parallelo di distribuzione, del quale per ora non possiamo parlare – ma mancano pochi giorni ;-)

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