Davide’s got a brand new (personal) blog avatar
Davide’s got a brand new (personal) blog

by Davide on 22 November 2011

Photoshop and Coding

Besides this shared RGB blog (my very first love), I’ve finally opened a personal WordPress website! It’s called Photoshop & Coding, and I’ll be posting there (guess what) my photoshop related *and* coding thoughts - mainly the kind of coding I’m doing for Creative Suite extensions. Plus some personal stuff that it’s more or less interesting.

Few post topics just to let you taste what it’s all about, here you go:

  1. Adobe 2011 Financial Analyst Meeting unveils the future of Creatives and Technology
  2. Sharpening Case Study
  3. Hahnemuhle changes his mind about 64″
  4. How to download Photoshop CS6 beta from Adobe
  5. Adobe Extension Manager and OSX Lion issue

Etc, etc. Is this the kind of things that turn you on? Hope to see you there!


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giuly giuly November 24, 2011 20:05

My Compliments to the Chef ;-)
Your blog will soon become a reference point.

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